July 2023
git-uncommitted Developer Tool
A simpler alternative to git stash that works per branch and never results in merge conflicts.
June 2023
ClipVideo Web App
Chop a long video any number of small pieces, adjacent or overlapping or not, extremely precisely.
June 2023
??? Web App
March 2023
Lunar Lander Game Autopilot Web App
Watch ~100 lines of JS land man on the moon again.
October 2022
node_modules disk image Developer Tool
Mount your node_modules directory as a single file. (macOS only)
July 2022
Prep Panel Developer Tool
Quickly batch-apply preferences, for onboarding and more.
July 2022
Pagefreeze Chrome Extension
Ban all asynchronous JavaScript on any website.
June 2022
Gmail Screener Google Apps Script
Inspired by Hey Email, a filter to prevent unknown senders to reach your inbox by default.
May 2022
Gmail Drilldown Chrome Extension
Click any sender or label in Gmail to instantly see all their messages.
January 2021 — WIP
Shortcut manager Developer Tool
A developer-friendly global keyboard shortcuts manager.
June 2019
github-prune Developer Tool
Automatically clean up Git branches that have already been merged upstream.
March 2017
Pushpin Chrome Extension
Keep pinned tabs around even if Chrome automatically closes them.
February 2017 — Archived
Facebork Chrome Extension
Prevent distractions on Facebook by replacing every work with “bork”. (Unavailable due to trademark takedown.)
September 2015
%%30%30 Web App
A unique game that exploits the 2015 “link that crashes Chrome” bug.
September 2013
batchrename Developer Tool
Batch-rename files using your editor, taking advantage of text-editing shortcuts you’re already familiar with.
2006–2008 — Archived
S60 apps
Developer tools and other app explorations on the Symbian S60 mobile OS.